Tax details.

  • Name Type Description
    BuySell BuySell If absent, the tax applies to both the buy and the sell side. If present, the value indicates what side of a trade the tax applies to.
    CalculationTriggerType CalculationTriggerType Calculation trigger type of applied tax.
    CalculationType CalculationType Calculation type of applied tax.
    CostCategory TransactionCostCategory Cost category
    CostDescription String Additional cost description
    Currency String Currency in which tax value is calculated.
    Description String Type of applicable tax.
    MaxTradeValue Decimal Maximum trade value on which tax is applied.
    MinTradeValue Decimal Minimum trade value on which tax is applied.
    TargetCostType TransactionTaxTypes Gets or sets the target transaction cost/tax applicable for Fraction Of Transaction Cost Per Transaction.
    Value Decimal Value of tax applied based on CalculationType.