• Name Type Description
    AccountCurrency String Currency of the selected account, used when listing currency conversion fees for the selected instrument back to the account currency.
    AssetType AssetType Asset Type
    CarryingCost CarryingCost For instruments where carrying costs are applied (futures, Exchange traded options) , the percentage markup on the intebank interest rate applied for holding the position.
    CommissionLimits CommissionLimit [] The commission structure for the selected instrument.
    CurrencyConversion CurrencyConversion The currency conversion.
    CurrentSpread Decimal Current spread.
    ExchangeFeeRules ExchangeFeeRules [] Exchange fee rules if applied separately.
    ExerciseCutOffTime TimeSpan The last time the option can be traded.
    ExpirationTime TimeSpan The last time on the expiry date the option can be traded.
    ExposureLimits Exposure [] The maximum allowed exposure to the instrument.
    FinanceInterestMarkUp Decimal Finance interest markup.
    HoldingFee HoldingFee Holding fee if applied.
    InstrumentCurrency String Instrument Currency.
    IsTradable Bool Indicates whether the instrument is currently tradable.
    LoanInterest LoanInterest Loan interest.
    LoanInterestCharge Obsolete Decimal OBSOLETE - Interest Charged when MarginLending is used Note : Use LoanInterest, as LoanInterestCharge is going to be decommissioned.
    MarginRequirement ContractOptionRootMarginRequirement The margin requirement for the contract option
    PortfolioBasedMargin PortfolioBasedMargin Portfolio based margin
    Rating Decimal Risk Rating.
    SettlementStyle SettlementStyle An option is either cash settled or settled with a position in the underlying asset. This value indicates what the behavior of the specific option is.
    SwapInterestMarkUp Decimal Swap interest markup
    Taxes Tax [] (Requires License) List of taxes applied.
    Uic Int Instrument unique identifier