Client information for Singapore onboarding

  • Name Type Description
    AnnualIncomeSgd String Annual income in SGD
    BrokersDeclinedBy String Brokers declined by
    ClassificationRequired Bool Is classification required?
    DiplomaOrHigherQualification String Diploma or higher Qualification
    EducationalQualificationSatisfied Bool Is the qualification of education satisfied?
    ELearningAbsSasCfds String E-learning (ABS-SAS, CFDs)
    ELearningAbsSasFx String E-learning (ABS-SAS, Fx)
    ELearningPassed String Has the client passed E-learning
    ELearningSgx Bool E-learning (SGX)
    ELearningSgxScore String E-learning (SGX) score
    FinanceWorkExperience String Finance work experience
    InvestorProfile String Type of investor profile
    ListedSips Bool Does the client want to trade in listed SIPs?
    NetWorthSgd String Net worth in SGD
    PermanentResident Bool Is the client a permanent resident of Singapore?
    ProfessionalFinanceQualification String Professional finance qualification
    SgxStocks String Sgx stocks
    UnlistedSipsCfds Bool Does the client want to trade unlisted SIPs (CFD)?
    UnlistedSipsFx Bool Does the client want to trade unlisted SIPs (Fx)?