Clients personal information

  • Name Type Description
    AdditionalTaxableCountries TaxableCountry [] Additional taxable countries
    AdditionalTaxCountryCode String Additional Tax Country Code (from Options) - Obsolete
    CityOfBirth String City of birth
    ConsentSource Int Source of content
    ContactInformation ContactInformation Contact information
    CorrespondenceAddress OnboardingAddress Correspondence address
    CountryOfBirth String Country of birth (from Options)
    DateOfBirth Date Date of birth
    Debt Money Range of debt
    DeclaredBankrupt Bool Represents if client has been declared bankrupt in the past
    EmploymentInformation EmploymentInformation Employment information
    FirstName String First name
    Gender String Gender (from Options)
    LastName String Last name
    LiquidNetWorth Money Range of liquid net worth
    MarketingConsent Bool Do we have your marketing consent?
    NationalId String National ID (from Options)
    NationalityCode String Nationality Code (from Options)
    NonDisclosureClient Bool Decides whether clients address can be shared with third party systems
    OriginalScriptFirstName String First name in original script
    OriginalScriptLastName String Last name in original script
    PersonalId String Personal ID
    PersonalIdExpirationDate Date Expiration date of personal ID
    PersonalIdPlaceOfRelease String Place of release of personal ID
    PersonalIdReleaseDate Date Release date of personal ID
    PersonalIdReleasedBy String Personal ID released by
    PersonalIdType String Personal ID Type (from Options)
    PersonalTradingProfile PersonalTradingProfile Client's trading profile
    PoliticallyExposedInformation PoliticallyExposedInformation Politically exposed person information
    PoliticallyExposedPerson Bool Are you a politically exposed person?
    ResidentialAddress OnboardingAddress Residential address
    SalaryBeforeTax Money Range of salary before tax
    ServiceLanguageCode String Service language ISO code (from Options)
    TaxId String Tax ID
    TinMissingReason String Reason for not having TIN (from Options)
    TinNotAvailable Bool Is TIN not available?
    TinOtherMissingReason String Any other reason for not having TIN