Event Options

  • Name Type Description
    AllowedActions Action [] Instruction actions allowed on the option.
    BidIntervalRate PriceAndRate Acceptable price increment used for submitting a bid
    CashMovements CashMovement [] Cash movement credits and debits
    CashRequired Bool Denotes that client is required to have sufficient cash in order to elect the option
    Deadline DateTimeAndStatus Client deadline date at option level
    FirstBidIncrementPrice PriceAndRate First bid increment price
    GrossRate Decimal Gross rate
    IsDefault Bool Indicates if this is the default option. This option is where all positions will be allocated, that have not been otherwise elected on.
    IsGross Bool Is gross
    IsTaxable Bool Is taxable
    LastBidIncrementPrice PriceAndRate Last bid increment price
    MarketDeadline DateAndStatus Deadline date issued by the issuer of the security.
    MaxExercisableQuantity Decimal Maximum Exercisable quantity
    MaxPrice PriceAndRate Maximum or cap price at which a holder can bid
    MinExercisableMultipleQuantity Decimal Minimum exercisable multiple quantity
    MinExercisableQuantity Decimal Minimum exercisable quantity
    MinPrice PriceAndRate Minimum or floor price at which a holder can bid
    Narrative String Option narrative
    NetRate Decimal Net rate
    NewBoardLotQuantity Decimal Quantity of equity that makes up the new board lot
    NewDenominationQuantity Decimal New Denomination of the equity following, for example, an increase or decrease in nominal value
    OptionId String The Option number for the Corporate Action Event
    OptionIndicators IndicatorDetail [] Option indicators
    OptionStatus OptionStatus Option status Inactive/Cancel
    OptionType CodeDescription Option type code and description
    Payment DateAndStatus The date where the resulting allocations are paid
    PayoutBreakdown PayoutBreakdownComponent [] Lists all the components in payout breakdown. This field is only available for Australian market.
    SecurityMovements SecurityMovement [] Security movement credits and debits
    TradingPeriod DatePeriod Trading period