1. Explore the OpenAPI 

If you are reading this, you are already well on your way towards building your own application. Please make sure you study the reference documentation, try the tutorial and the explorer. Please also use the ability to get a 24 hour token, which you can simply paste into your sample application to test out your ideas without having to implement an actual authentication flow.

2. Apply for an OpenAPI Application Key and Secret for the demo environment.

Once you  are ready to build something "for real" you will need your own application key. You will first get an application key for the demo environment. Please contact your account manager or contact person at Saxo to request access.

3. Apply for an OpenApi Application Key and Secret for the live trading environment

Once everything is working, you may apply for application keys for the live trading environment. At this point additional legal agreements may have to be entered into, and we may request access to review your application prior to issuing the live application keys.